Certified Engineer - Product Design

Program Duration : 80 hours | 2 hours per day

Projects : 16 hours   |   Language : English/Hindi

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Course Overview:

Product design is a vast subject. It involves analysis of product design requirements, generating ideas and developing prototypes, converting sketches into working models using CAD, and so on. But product design is not only graphics design or modeling but also dimensions and notes. In this course you will learn many technical aspects involved in product design such as adding size information to a drawing (dimensions) and accuracy required (tolerancing) for each dimension, standard design practices, achieving accuracy in part design, and creating parametric relations between each component that determines component behaviour in the assembly, and so on.

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of the courses, you will be able to carry out:

  • Layer Management
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Blocks and Attributes
  • Xref, OLE concepts
  • Plot and publish
  • Part Modeling
  • Editing Features
  • Design Table / Library Features
  • Surface Overview
  • Bottom-up Assembly
  • Sheet Metal
  • Measuring and Inspecting Models
  • Assembling with Constraints
  • Seating Surface Features
Domains covered:
Product Design

Product Design

Product Modeling

Product Modeling

Training Calendar

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Program - 80 hours | 2 hours

Language : English/Hindi

Guided Projects

2D Design & Drafting

2D Designing & Drafting a Mechanical Assembly Layout - Using Productivity Tools

Build a concept model of a home security robot

Building a Conceptual Model of Home Security Robot

Modelling and detailing of a car seat assembly

Modelling an Automotive Seat Assembly - Using All Necessary Components

Modelling and detailing of a car seat assembly

Building a Dual Side Shaper Machine

Key job roles
  • Generate product ideas and develop prototypes
  • Decide on the right materials and manufacturing requirements to convert the design into products
  • Deal with vendors and determining product cost, and create supply chain
  • Evaluate products in terms of functionality, visual appeal, safety and durability
  • Participate in FE modeling and analysis of problems in the domains of thermal, thermo fluids, structural, electromagnetic, and multi-physics.
Job recognition
  • Product design competencies are multidisciplinary, and are techno-commercial in nature. Hence, being successful in product design can open doors to new opportunities to move up the corporate ladder.
Average Salary:

About INR 4 lakhs / annum (in India) for beginners

Ideal for
Aptitudes & skills
  • Good sketching skills and concept generation skills
  • Good knowledge of production materials
  • Since it is a collaborative role, one must be a good communicator and team player
  • Knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing processes
Professional Background
  • Exposure to industrial and product design processes
  • Experience of having undertaken product design, prototyping, and simulation projects
Educational Background
  • Diploma / degree in Industrial Design
  • Engineering degree in any stream
  • Certifications in CAD / CAM / CAE
Top employers
  • Manufacturing companies of products, components and assemblies
  • Product design consultants / Design houses
  • Engineering services firms
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