Executive Diploma in Data Science for Professionals

Hours   Total: 240 Hrs Instructor   Instructional: 140 Hrs Project   Project: 60 Hrs
Assignments   Assignments: 40 Hrs Hours   2 hrs/per day Language   English
Hours Total:
268 Hrs
Instructor Instructional:
140 Hrs
Project Project:
60 Hrs
Assignments Assignments:
60 Hrs
Employability Skills Employability Skills:
20 Hr
Hours 2 hrs/per day
Language English


Instructor Led Program



For hands-on learning



From real world scenarios



Widely recognized by the industry


TUV Rheinland Certified

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Course Overview

Today, we live in a rapidly evolving globalised era in which the main question is the in-demand status of data science. Indeed, we have arrived at a point where every business must now thrive and survive on the most powerful resource: data. Yes, data has emerged as the new global currency, with future decisions reliant entirely on its metrics. Also, huge investments are made today to drive innovation in data. It is estimated that by 2026, India alone will have 11 million job openings in data science. With increased opportunities, now is the time to become an industry-ready data professional with data-driven skills.

This program will help you build a solid foundation in business decision-making with the help of in-demand data science tools and techniques like Hadoop, Spark, BigML, MongoDB and Tableau, to name a few. With our industry-recognized certificate, you will face no challenges in entering top companies. Enrol right away and embrace the goodness of data science with our in-demand professional course.

Program Fee   $3699

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Learning Outcome

Upon completing the course, you become well-versed in the following concepts:

  • Grasping the basics of Data Science life cycle and understanding Github, R and Cloud technologies
  • Implementing partitioning, bucketing and indexing in Hive, along with learning how to optimize the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Performing Data scrapping and Data Processing using PIG and Spark
  • Getting started with Deep Learning in Cognitive analysis


Module 01 Python for Data Science and Advanced Data Analytics
  • Understanding of Distribution theorems
  • Concept of Structured and Unstructured data
  • Clustering methods and Its implementations
  • TensorFlow, Keras Libraries for numerical computations
  • Python Libraries used in Data science and analytics process such as NumPy, Panda, SciKit many more.

Hands-On Assignments - 10 Hours

Module 02 Machine Learning with Python
  • Introduction to Machine Learning(existing)
  • Classification algorithm (k-NN, naive Bayes) techniques(existing)
  • Unsupervised learning algorithm(existing)
  • Regression algorithm(existing)
  • Understand The Difference Between Machine Learning & Statistical Data Analysis
  • machine learning algorithms to predict share prices in stock exchange,detedtion of cancer cells and many more
  • Boosting and Bagging methods

Hands-On Assignments - 10 Hours

Module 03 Course on Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Learning basic statistics and probability theory
  • Introduction to Python Programming, Tensor flow
  • Introduction to machine learning, Supervised algorithm for AI problem
  • Supervised algorithm for AI problem, Decision Tree
  • Introduction to OPEN-CV, Library and packages to use for image and video processing, Concept of image segmentation in AI
  • Introduction to NLP(nltk), Text mining using NLP
  • Text mining processes (tokenizer, stemming, lemmatization, pos, syntax, chunking etc)
  • Understanding various components of Neural Networks
  • Keras, Theano, Tensor Flow - Installation, Introduction to Keras, Theano, Tensor Flow.
  • K-means clustering, Case Study

Hands-On Assignments - 10 Hours

Module 04 Course on Hadoop and Spark
  • Fundamentals of Hadoop and the ecosystem around it
  • Working on HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, PIG, and more
  • Working alongside Avro Data formats
  • Understanding Spark, Spark SQL, Data frame and other Spark writing applications
  • Processing RDD in Apache Spark and real time data

Hands-On Assignments - 10 Hours

Module 05 Data Science using R
  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Interpret Dataset with Packages
  • Fundamentals of Statistics & Probability
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Distribution & Correlation
  • Classification - KNN, Naïve Bayes
  • Decision Tree, Random Forest
  • Text Mining, WordCloud
  • Forecasting / Time Series

Hands-On Assignments - 10 Hours

Module 06 Mastering in MongoDB
  • Mastering MongoDB-based application development
  • Design MongoDB database from start to finish
  • Knowing when and where to use MongoDB in your application development
  • Spot key features and advantages of NoSQL database MongoDB over RDBMS databases
  • Differentiate between RDBMS and NoSQL databases
  • Building and running applications

Hands-On Assignments - 10 Hours

Module 07 Advanced Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Visual Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Tableau Prep Builder tool
  • Tableau UI components
  • Geographic Visualizations in Tableau
  • Building Dashboards and Stories within Tableau

Hands-On Assignments - 10 Hours

Guided Projects

Creating one dimensional Numpy Array

10 Hrs

Creating two dimensional Numpy Array

10 Hrs

Project on joining and data extract using Tableau

10 Hrs

Performing data analysis on hospital domain in SQL

10 Hrs

Project on Data filtering the Super store data

10 Hrs

Placements and Internship