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iconMarch 31, 2022
Ather strikes a deal with Foxconn for EV components

Ather Energy, the electric scooter maker, asks Bharath FIH, Foxconn Unit to manufacture and supply key EV parts and components. Right from PCB, Battery management systems to peripheral controlling units and drive control modules, Bharat FIH is taking over the complete supply chain and logistics of these components for Ather. It looks like a move by Ather Energy to strengthen its supply chain and meet the demand for its products.

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iconMarch 21, 2022
Sony and Honda to storm the EV space together

Sony recently launched its new subsidiary Sony Mobility, to explore the automotive sector, especially the EV set up. SONY and HONDA are planning a strategic alliance to create a new generation of mobility services that are in line with environmental protection. The auto-tech leaders are hopeful of setting up a firm by year’s end, and the target for the sales of their first electric vehicle model is set for 2025.  

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iconMarch 16, 2022
Monster.com reports a 7% increase in hiring demand for automotive engineers

In spite of the odds and circumstances, the EV market displayed an uptick in the previous year. Based on this growth, the automotive industry witnessed a 7% uptick in the month-on-month report from Monster.com. In February, Monster.com released a report based on the job listing data. The report suggests that a new section has been created for aspiring youth in the EV job space, called the Green Engineers.    

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iconMarch 07, 2022
Rolls Royce gets an electric makeover and covers 500km in one charge

As part of the exciting developments worldwide concerning EV technology, Vincent Yu, a Canadian businessman from Richmond, has devoted himself to the Rolls Royce Wraith conversion project for four years. Now that the project is successful, his converted electric vehicle runs 500km in a single charge. Also, the cost of charging his electric car is significantly lesser than the cost it takes to fill the tank with gasoline.

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iconMarch 02, 2022
Is Apple thinking differently again, aiming to launch its self-driving electric car soon?

It is no surprise that every major industry giant is trying to be a part of the electric vehicles revolution in some way or the other. Apple joins the bandwagon, expressing its interest in launching its self-driving electric car shortly. Reports say that the work is already underway with the gadget leader and a South Korean company trying to build the car’s autopilot chip. It looks like Apple is following the trails of Elon Musk.

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iconFebruary 28, 2022
Ford in plans to return to India for EVs this time

Ford made a dramatic exit from the Indian automobile scenes few months back, after taking a hit of about $2 billion dollars and capturing less than 2% of Indian passenger vehicle market. With two car plants in the country, Ford reconsiders its decision and has come up with a new strategy to manufacture electric Vehicles (EVs) in India for export. They also shed light on the possibility of sale in the domestic market in the future.

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iconFebruary 25, 2022
Indian Oil completes setting up 1000 EV charging stations across the country

As we know, Indian Oil is the country’s largest refiner and with the successful deployment of 1000 EV charging stations across the country, the fossil fuel retailer is elated to have completed the first of their many milestones. With more than 500 towns and cities covered under this initiative, Indian Oil aims to create a base of more than 3000 charging stations in the next 3 years.

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iconFebruary 17, 2022
Major Surge in E-2W and E-3W(Cargo & Passenger) Vehicles Sales in January 2022

January 2022 has been great for the Indian industry with a whopping 42% increase when compared to the electric vehicles sales of the same month last year. Furthermore, E-2W and E-3W Vehicles account for 93% of the total units sold in January 2022, with Uttar Pradesh marking the highest and grabbing 20% of the total vehicles sold last month.

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iconFebruary 15, 2022
Huge momentum to Indian EV Industry in Budget 2022

Budget 2022 has announced impeccable measures to sustain the Electric Vehicle ecosystem in the years to come, receiving huge welcome from major EV players. With many measures set forth, the one that has been highly lauded is a new policy on battery swapping with interoperability standards. By recognizing battery as a service, the plight of setting up charging stations has been addressed, and also it is expected to aid in the development and

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iconDecember 23, 2021
On-demand mobile charging stations

E-firm Ez4EV will set-up in next 3 months on-demand mobile charging solutions EzUrja for electric vehicles (EVs) at consumer- chosen locations. EzUrja can be located anywhere, Satinder Singh, CEO- Ez4EV, informs. Managed as Internet of Things (IoT) device, they allow for remote condition monitoring and organization of operations. Multiple EzUrjas will come up in cities and highways for better EV connectivity.

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iconDecember 21, 2021
Reverse Engineering & 3D Printing Classic Car Parts

Classic car fans can be 3D printed on original part to 3D-scanned; talented digital engineers create new ones. A UK-based firm successfully applies 3D scanning for reverse engineering and uses 3D printing and traditional manufacturing to create prototypes and final parts. 

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iconDecember 20, 2021
Charging Stations all over the country

SmarChargEV’s Blue-Wire project would connect Srinagar to Kanniyakumar with 100-plus charging stations on NH-44 (3700 km) along Jammu, Ludhiana, Ambala, Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Bhopal, Nagpur, Adilabad, Hyderabad, Kurnool, Anantapur, Bangalore, salem and Madurai. Another project ‘Green-Garland-of-India’ will connect Amritsar, Bathinda, Jodhpur, Ahmedbad, Surat, Mumbai, Pune , Kolhapur, Goa, Mangalore, Kochi and Tiruvanathapuram,

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iconDecember 17, 2021
Hassle free ride

Himachal’s Spiti has the country’s highest EV charging station operating to help two and four wheelers. Depending on the response, more Stations may come up in the valley. Publicity-bike-riders travelled from Manali to Kaza for 320 kms, charging EVs at 3-4 points en route. Riders said e-bikes hardly faced issues while crossing Kunzum Pass (4.5 km). Spiti station is at a height of 3720 meters, higher than Leh.

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iconDecember 16, 2021
New Technology in Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a time-honored profession and is in vogue since the time Egypt’s pyramids came up. While it’s true that many underlying principles in the industry have stayed steady over the years, avoid latest technological innovations and techniques like self-healing concrete, carbon nanotubes and an advanced modeling and analysis software should be used to spruce up the work.

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iconDecember 15, 2021
The 4Cs of product design

We put a list of some such questions based on our interactions with over a dozen inclusive and accessible design advocates from the product community, most of whom are informed by their own lived experiences as minorities. The list, by no means a comprehensive one, broadly covers four areas, or 4Cs: Constraints, Context, Comfort, and Colour (in no particular order). Great products are about solving a problem better.

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iconDecember 14, 2021
Say bye bye to petrol two-wheelers

Naveen Munjal, MD-Hero Electric Vehicles, has called for ending sales of gasoline-powered two wheelers by 2027 to switch to clean vehicles. E-vehicles cost high and don’t have much charging infrastructure. Replacing gasoline two-wheelers is key to tackle air-pollution, experts say. Companies would soon set their supply-chain, re-skilling, paving way for more production. E-vehicles are a boon for eco-system.

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iconDecember 13, 2021
India emerging as EV hub

India’s shift to take to EVs is amazing. With FAME-II policy, India may become the world’s EV hub by 2030. It’s a phenomenally catalytic policy inviting players to eco-friendly market. 80% of the charging occurs at vehicle owner’s residence and workplace. Lack of available public charging stations is referred to as range anxiety. 

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iconDecember 10, 2021
How curb carbon emissions

The UK construction sector should decarbonize more urgently in line with the national emission reduction targets of 68% by 2030 and 78% by 2035, according to a report published today by the National Engineering Policy Centre. More holistic and efficient building designs, combined with measures like reusing building materials and using non-fossil fuel powered machinery, could help eliminate carbon emissions from building sites, says the report.

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iconDecember 09, 2021
Product design gets an AI makeover

Engineers are under pressure to build products for consumers. With artificial intelligence, simulation software makes engineers’ jobs easier, improves production processes, and spurs innovation. German-based Heller Group’s Zapf says today’s organizations must strike a balance between the design, engineering, manufacturing, operation, and craftsmanship of developing a product. AI is a promising and exploratory area. 

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iconDecember 08, 2021
Electric Highway

In order to meet climate goals, the Centre may create an ‘electric highway’ between Delhi and Jaipur. Another highway connecting Delhi-Mumbai is also under process. This highway will have the energy for powering transport, electricity, the first of its kind in the country. EVs include not only bikes but also buses, trucks, rail engines, etc. which need electricity and thus the idea for the highway project.

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iconDecember 07, 2021
A Novel App

A novel mobile app (available on iOS, Android & www.evplugs.co.in) has been devised as a unique go-to place for verified listings for EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations. With GPS access, this app gives you a choice use EV charger as per preference. It guides you to nearby stations for this. EV Plugs’ founder Manish anticipates a huge demand for the app in view of the increasing number of EVs.

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iconDecember 06, 2021
South Korean company in India’s EV indusry

Looking to revamp its EV market presence, South Korean auto giant Hyundai and its sister brand Kia will launch new EVs in India by 2024. ICE models: Venue-Sonnet and Creta-Seltos had earlier come with shared technology. Entry-level variants of both the EVs will have t2-wheel drive and a 58kWh battery pack capable of delivering 170hp pf power coupled with the 350Nm of peak torque.

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iconDecember 04, 2021
Structural engineering can help buildings withstand natural calamities

The future of structural engineering is promising and fascinating. Structural engineering plays a vital role in helping buildings withstand natural disasters and calamities. A new system of concentric plastic rings is experimented with by seismic specialists that are installed beneath the foundations of a building to redirect earthquake forces around the building rendering it invisible to seismic activity. 

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iconDecember 03, 2021
Automatic Self Folding Dining Table Voice Activated

The Automatic self-folding dining table folds itself and moves itself to the corner of the room on your command. The self-folding dining table makes use of a dual-motor drive along with IR Sensors. The system is embodied with a controller-based speech recognition system to enable the open and close operation via spoken commands. The same mechanism is used to unfold the table, the user just needs to ask the dining table to close itself.

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iconDecember 02, 2021
Tata Motors is developing a range of small electric commercial vehicles

Tata Motors is in talks with a few e-commerce players and captive customers for the supply of the last-mile distribution of the electric products. “The company has been in talks with partners to develop the electric product range for the last-mile deliveries and what kind of charging infrastructure should be put in place, what kind of financing needs to be there and what kind of support be provided to ensure that the solution becomes

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iconDecember 01, 2021
World's highest electric vehicle charging station inaugurated in Himachal Pradesh's Kaza

EV charging infra start-up goes network has installed its the world’s highest EV charging facility at Kaza in the Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. GoEgo has collaborated with TVS Motor Company to promote EV infrastructure in Himachal. The company’s aim is to encourage EV owners to avail themselves seamless and anxiety-free long-distance travel which is in line with the government’s vision of becoming a 100 percent EV nation.

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iconNovember 30, 2021
Test-Based Available Strengths for Aluminum Structures

Aluminium structures are used in a wide range of engineering applications and their usage has been increasing in the construction sector, offering good durability and high strength-to-weight ratios. A series of studies have been carried out to examine the load-bearing capacity of aluminium structural elements over the past few decades.

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iconNovember 29, 2021
Metal 3D Printing Expands to Hydraulics & Fluid Power Systems

The limits of conventional hydraulic components are surpassed by 3D printing offering the possibility to create a new generation of hydraulic systems. This technology helps to produce fast prototypes, spare parts, and functional products that can regularly reduce size and weight by 75% compared to conventional hydraulics components. 

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iconNovember 27, 2021
Electric vehicles dominate at Munich Motor Show

Car manufacturers displayed their latest designs at the IAA mobility show in Munich from September 7th - 12th this year, this is the first major auto show in Europe since the pandemic hit. Auto giant BMW has unveiled its vision circular concept car which is made from recycled materials and could be on sale in 20 years. Renault’s megane E-Tech will be available by next year. The Mercedes EQE 350 will also be on the market in 2022.

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iconNovember 26, 2021
Fast + Epp Installs View Smart Windows at New Mass-Timber Designed Headquarters in Vancouver

Fast + Epp is an international structural engineering firm located in Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Calgary, Edmonton and Darmstadt. The new four-storey building features a hybrid mass-timber and steel structural system with cross-laminated timber floor plates, stairwells, and elevator. Fast+Epp has included View Smart Windows to improve the building’s energy efficiency, enhance the productivity and wellbeing of Fast + Epp employees.

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iconNovember 25, 2021
Wood-Framed Residential Construction

Wood frame construction is one of the most popular methods to build residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Wood frames are very economical and resistant to extreme climatic variations. Wood frames can be used in various styles of buildings and there are no restrictions on architectural possibilities. Wood structural elements should be treated based on the exposure to weather and closeness to the ground.

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iconNovember 24, 2021
Wooden bicycle frame explores structural engineering techniques

Wooden bikes are a little impractical. There may be unexpected value in wooden bike frames, which architects can use to understand important prototype designs and structural challenges. The bike frame is composed of birch wood lamellas millimetre sheets glued together into strips that splay out at the points where the crank and pedal are fixed below the seat. The structure’s overall strength is enhanced by the alignment.

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iconNovember 23, 2021
Electrical 3D Systems Designer

The Electrical 3D Systems designer role delivers a process-specific solution for designing physical wire harnesses. This solution is driven by logical specifications and is assimilated with harness manufacturing preparation. This powerful solution reduces design time and increases the overall quality of large-scale electrical systems by delivering a realistic simulation for 3D wire harness packaging in an integrated environment. 

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iconNovember 22, 2021
High-Volume Additive Manufacturing of Fluid Power Systems

The meaning of additive manufacturing is to add material only where it is needed. There are a lot of benefits of this technology including lightweight parts, designing complex parts using less material compared to conventional manufacturing. Aidro’s acquisition by Desktop Metal has opened up new fluid power system capabilities. The partnership between Aidro and Desktop Metal will expand high-volume production.

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iconNovember 19, 2021
Design Challenge 2021 to culminate in a National Final at One Birdcage Walk

The Design Challenge 2021 National Final took place on 8 October at One Birdcage Walk, London. Design Challenge 2021 had tasked first and second-year university student teams with designing and building a repeatable vehicle which represents the first stages of a robotic vehicle that could be used for materials handling purposes. This helps the participants develop their practical skills enabling them to gain valuable experience of working. 

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iconNovember 18, 2021
Hybrid vehicles key to India electric shift says, Schaeffler

Hybrid vehicles will play an important role as they can address some of the immediate infrastructure challenges around e-mobility. Schaeffler is looking to make the Asia Pacific region an export hub and Schaeffler India Ltd.’s second-quarter export sales accounted for 14% and 11% in the first quarter. The company is seeing a good response for India-made products and intends to take advantage of their cost-competitiveness by exporting.

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iconNovember 17, 2021
Electric vehicle makers prefer hiring talent straight out of college

People with experience at conventional automakers must go through a lot of unlearning when joining an EV company, putting them more or less on par with freshers. The roles range from sales personnel to assembly line workers on the factory floor to and test riders. Diploma holders and ITI graduates are finding work on factory floors while college graduates are being hired as sales personnel.

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iconNovember 16, 2021
Hyundai to raise electric vehicles ratio to 80% by 2040

Hyundai is planning to expand the hydrogen-powered vehicle lineup to three from the sole model Nexo. The two additional models will be a multi-purpose vehicle and a sport utility vehicle. It initially aims to raise the global sales ratio to 30 percent by 2030. To achieve this goal, Hyundai will gradually replace its product lineup sold in Europe with hydrogen or battery-powered models by 2035 and in other major markets by 2040.

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iconNovember 10, 2021
The next best electric car battery

China’s CATL has unveiled sodium-ion battery. Chinese Govt. would drive the development, standardization and commercialization of this power-pack, providing a cheaper, faster-charging, safe alternative to the current types, which have problems aplenty. Sodium-based batteries aren’t going to take electric cars any further than lithium can. These power packs could cost almost 30% to 50% less than the cheapest electric car battery.