TUV Rheinland Certified

An amazing news to all our Certified MEP Engineer course aspirants and enrollees. We are happy to announce that our Certified MEP Engineer course is taking a giant leap on the global stage with recognition from a reputed independent certification body. Yes, the Certified MEP Engineer course from Cloudkampus is now recognized by TÜV Rheinland.

What does a PersCert TÜV Certification by TUV Rheinland mean?

TUV group has an independent association that tests, inspects, and certifies products, technologies, systems, and people to ensure quality and set benchmark standards. TÜV Rheinland Certificates are recognized worldwide and carry the trademark of trust and quality.

TÜV Rheinland Certification Benefits for Students

The industrial sector is booming worldwide, and at this juncture, overseas job opportunities can be career-changing. You can now explore unlimited career options abroad with your PersCert TÜV certification.

Acclaimed Seal of Trust

The proof of your competence certified by PersCert TÜV will make every organization’s head turn.

Assured Quality

Every organization would be confident enough to hire you and use your expertise for their growth.

Competitive Advantage

The certification from PersCert TÜV gives you the edge over your peers to advance your career and reach the top.

Certified MEP Engineer

80 hours 2 hrs per day English
Projects: 16 hours


Instructor Led Program

Case Studies

For learning assessments


From real world scenarios


Widely recognized by the industry

Certified MEP Engineer

80 hours 2 hrs per day English
Projects: 16 hours


Instructor Led Program


From real world scenarios

Case Studies

For learning assessments


Widely recognized by the industry


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering are closely knit with civil and construction engineering. However, advances and the growing need for all three components of MEP make the task of design and installation much more challenging. Skills in specialized CAD tools become inevitable for MEP engineers. This course teaches you CAD design of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), electrical design involving fire alarm, lighting, cabling, elevators, etc., plumbing for water supply, and fire protection system design. The course also gives exposure to the fundamentals of CAD design, drafting, and modeling involving civil structures.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to execute:

  • Drafting and Modifying Drawings using AutoCAD
  • Layer Management, Hatching and Gradient Technics
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Blocks and Attributes, Xref and OLE concepts
  • Plot and Publish
  • Creating Levels and Grids
  • Walls Modeling and Object Modification
  • Doors, Windows & Floors and Roofs
  • Curtain, Stairs, and Ramps
  • Dimensions and Constraints
  • Annotation and Documentation and Schedules
  • Work Sharing and Family Creation
  • HVAC and Electrical Design
  • Plumbing and Fire Protection System Design

Skills you will gain

Creating Sound Technical Drawings

BIM Enabled Designs using REVIT

Creating powreful MEP Designs

Developing HVAC Calculations


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80 hours 2 hrs per day English

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Module 1 AutoCAD 2D: A Complete Course for Beginners
  • Modifying Drawings in AutoCAD
  • Layer Management
  • Hatching and Gradient Technics
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Parametric Drawing
  • Blocks and Attributes
  • Xref, OLE concepts
  • Plot and publish
Module 2 Building Design and Documentation With Revit Architecture
  • Place and Modify Walls & Complex Walls
  • Dimensions and Constraints
  • Create Floors and Ceilings
  • Curtain Walls & Stairs
  • Annotation & Schedules
  • Walk-through
  • In-Place Families
  • Family Creation
  • Site Design
  • Collaboration
Module 3 Revit MEP Essentials
  • Family Creation
  • HVAC Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Plumbing Design
  • Fire Protection System
  • Schedules
Module 4 HVAC Concepts
  • Designing mechanical, forced, and natural ventilation
  • Creating realistic HVAC modules for effective and holistic implementation
  • Cooling and heating load calculation
  • Carrying out duct designing, air terminals, toilet ventilation, and kitchen hood ventilation
  • Incorporating international standards in HVAC systems design


We will assist you get in an internship or full-time role after course completion:

Electrical Engineer


CAD Operator

Jaipur / Multiple Across Rajasthan

Project Planners


BIM (Electrical Modeler)


Building Information Modeler

Bangalore or Chennai

Civil Site Engineer


Survey Engineers

Navi Mumbai

Project Manager


Civil Draftsman


Junior Draftsman


Guided Projects

  • Drafting of floors, sections and elevation of 3-storey buildings
  • HVAC, fire protection and plumbing systems of buildings
  • Energy optimization and building design with BIM standards

Domains Covered

MEP Engineering

Civil & Construction Engineering

MEP CAD - Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CloudKampus Certified programs?

CloudKampus Certified programs are job-role based courses. With these courses, we help students acquire skills for specific jobs across industries. We give hands-on training and direct exposure to the real-world job requirements to the students, who are required to work on projects for each module. We help them apply for internships and job opportunities, after they successfully complete the programs.

What will be the approximate duration of CloudKampus Certified program?

The duration of the program ranges from 80-100 hours, which include a minimum 16 hours for projects.

How do I enroll for a CloudKampus Certified program?

You are required to create an account with us at CloudKampus.com first. You can enroll yourself in any CloudKampus Certified program from your 'dashboard'. You can also select batches online yourself or get our Program Advisor to do it for you.

Will I get assistance from tutors for my projects?

You will have to work on projects for each module. Our tutors will assist you in doing all your projects.

Are CloudKampus Certified programs approved by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)?

Most of our CloudKampus Certified program are approved by NSDC - but not all.

Does CloudKampus assure internship opportunities?

Industry internships are made available for all CloudKampus Certified program. That is our promise. However, students will have to meet basic requirements specific to each program.

How do I get the course completion certificate?

Upon the successful completion of the program, and offering your feedback, you can download your certificates from your dashboard. For NSDC-approved program, you will have to share additional information - the details of which are available in your dashboard.

Does CloudKampus provide software related to the program?

We do not provide you software. But we will assist you in installing the student version or trial version.

Will you provide reference materials?

Reference materials are available as eBooks. You can read them online. But you will not be able to download them.

What if I miss the classes? Can I get the recordings?

Yes. Recordings of the missed classes/sessions will be made available upon request.

Can I change the batch in between?

Once you have chosen a schedule / batch, you cannot change it.

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