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EV Retrofitting Workshop

Electric vehicle retrofitting is an economically viable option today, and it is on the rise, unleashing an entirely new sector and abundant opportunities. This one-day workshop is set to indulge all our EV students in two captivating sessions with each extending upto 4 hours. It introduces the students to the Retrofitting technology, it's technical viability, Government policies etc with live demonstration of retrofitting 2W. A comprehensive proficiency of the e-mobility infrastructure through activity-based hands-on learning, on par with industry skillset standards.

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About the Workshop

This workshop puts you ahead of the game, reinforcing the fundamentals of an electric vehicle, and taking you through standard industry procedures and the best approaches.

  • Motor selection based on requirements
  • Batteries selection, depending upon various criteria like charging time, discharge time, range, and more
  • Methods for developing an intelligent battery management system for EVs
  • The connection between motors, controllers, and batteries


This immensely knowledgeable and fun-based task, enables you in advancing your expertise in EV design, connection, control, mounting, and other significant EV characteristics.

measurement Alignment measurement and driver ergonomics tuning
Exploring mounting points Exploring mounting points
Connecting BMC Testing, Mounting, and Connecting BMC (Battery, Motor, and Controller)
Fuel Tank Removal of the Fuel Tank, Pump & Lines
Electric component wiring Electric component wiring
Retrofitting an EV for evaluation Retrofitting an EV for evaluation

retrofitting workshop

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Enrol in our exclusive Executive Diploma in Electric Vehicle System Design and Analysis Course and be a part of this insightful retrofitting workshop!

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