Certified EV Battery Design Engineer - Mechanical

Program Duration : 100 hours | 2 hours per day

Projects : 16 hours   |   Language : English/Hindi

Certified EV Battery Design Engineer - Mechanical
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Course Overview:

Battery technology can prove to be either a boon or a bane of the EV industry, as it accounts for about 40-45% of the cost of ownership of this new age vehicle. Battery technology is also witnessing a flurry of research and development activities, aiming at breakthroughs in their capacity to charge quickly and store more power for longer time, all at a lower cost. This course gives a clear understanding of battery technology, recent developments, and systems. Then it dives into the scientific concepts, and the engineering of designing, analysing the entire battery component and battery-enabled systems.

Course Outcome:

After completing this course, you will be able to do:

  • Vehicle dynamics calculation
  • Understanding the cell chemistry and types
  • Motor classifications
  • Concept of motor controllers
  • EV auxiliary systems
  • Study the various characteristics of cell
  • Battery cell & battery pack modeling
  • Battery state estimation & range calculation
  • Simulation of EV cell/pack models
  • Understanding BMS Design Considerations
  • Learning various testing requirements
  • Modeling aspect of EV using CAD
  • Simulation of EV battery models using CAE
Domains covered:

Battery design and modeling

Battery simulation

Science and engineering related to battery

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Program - 100 hours | 2 hours

Language : English/Hindi

Guided Projects

Calculating the traction power for an ICE vehicle and simulating using MATLAB

Study and implementation of cell balancing algorithm using Simulink

Develop a battery pack model of 1P48S cylindrical cell with proper casing

Develop a Simulink model for a DC motor using ODE

Perform a thermal analysis on a battery pack of 1P48S cylindrical cell

Key job roles
  • Understanding the requirements of customers and business goals
  • Design, create models and prototypes of battery components and back up systems
  • Run simulations for all sorts of analyses to check the reliability and feasibility of battery designs
  • Make corrections to designs and coordinate with manufacturing team in production
Job recognition
  • Battery design is a crucial part of EV design - from the technical as well as economical point of view. This part of the technology attracts more investment and attention than any other in the entire design and development spectrum concerning EVs. Consequently, the industry plays a high premium on battery design skills.
Average Salary:

Rs. 5-6 lakhs per year (in India)

Ideal for
Aptitudes & skills
  • Good grasp of concepts in science disciplines especially physics and chemistry
  • Product design capabilities
  • Research bent of mind
  • Interest in analysis, testing, and quality control
Professional Background
  • Experience with any automobile, mechanical, and electrical industry
  • Exposure to end-to-end product design processes in electrical and electronics
Educational Background
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Graduation in any science and engineering courses
Top employers
  • EV / Automobile OEM companies
  • EV / Automobile design firms
  • EV component / accessory makers
  • Design consulting firms
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