Certified FEA Aviation Engineer

Program Duration : 100 hours | 2 hours per day

Projects : 16 hours   |   Language : English/Hindi

Certified FEA Aviation Engineer
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Course Overview:

Aviation engineering is a big canvas: for it deals with the design of flying machines (such as aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft) and also in airport design, and aerodrome planning. Conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in this brand of engineering assumes a lot of importance because it encompasses products as well as buildings and other structures. This course teaches you, among others, various analyses involved with aero parts that face a variety of forces, including air pressure, inertia forces, and impact stresses during takeoffs and landings. Students will also get to understand the FEA techniques used in airport design, and aerodrome planning.

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to carry out the following tasks:

  • CATIA V5 for Sketching
  • Converting 2D Sketches to 3D Models
  • Generating Mesh
  • Surface and Line Models
  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Modal & BucklingAnalysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Preparing Geometry for Meshing
  • Shell & Tetra Meshing
  • Assemblies: Welding and Swapping Parts
  • HyperMesh Solver Interfaces
  • Turbulence Modelling
  • Radiation and Convection Models
  • Siphoning
Domains covered:
CAD - Sketching

CAD - Sketching

CAD - Designing and Drafting

CAD - Designing and Drafting



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Program - 100 hours | 2 hours

Language : English/Hindi

Guided Projects

Build a concept model of a home security robot

Modelling Airplane Fuselage Assembly

Modelling and detailing of a car seat assembly

Modelling Airplane Landing Gear Assembly


Structural Analysis of Aircraft Seat Frame

Perform structural meshing of a car seat assembly and submit a study on best suitable mesh

Structural Meshing of Fuselage Assembly


Measuring Lift & Drag Forces on Airplane Wing

Key job roles
  • Performing analysis involving linear statics and nonlinear statics
  • Creating 2D/ 3D FE modeling for components
  • Verification and interpretation of FE results
  • Participation in design reviews
Job recognition
  • Engineers in finite element analysis practically save the industry by making sure that the products withstand all myriad forces, and also by helping the industry adhere to the strictest of regulatory compliance in terms of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.
Average Salary:

For beginners, about INR 5 lakh per annum

Ideal for
Aptitudes & skills
  • Excellent analytical skills and the ability to perform complex assignments.
  • Strong mathematical, and problem solving skills
  • Technical expertise in aerospace / aeronautical science
  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Attention to detail
Professional Background
  • Prior experience with FEA tools, and analysis
  • Good exposure in the Aviation industry and best practices followed in Aviation industries.
Educational Background
  • Graduates from relevant engineering disciplines such as aerospace, electronics, mechanical, software and materials.
  • Graduates with research qualifications.
Top employers
  • Aerospace and aero-engine companies
  • Research and Development organisations
  • Contract agencies
  • Companies involved in airspace development
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