Certified Design Engineer - Aero Component

Program Duration : 90 hours | 2 hours per day

Projects : 16 hours   |   Language : English/Hindi

Certified Design Engineer - Aero Component
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Course Overview:

Machines that fly through air and space involve an unimaginable variety and volume of components. It takes over 5 million small and big components to assemble a modern commercial aircraft. The same is the case with jets, helicopters, or missiles. This course focuses on imparting key design skills involving relevant CAD software to design aero components. It walks you through the conceptual design phase (which primarily involves sketching), the preliminary design phase (2D / 3D designing), and the detailed design phase (virtual prototypes and technical drawings).

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to carry out the following tasks:

  • CATIA V5 for Sketching
  • Creating 2D Sketches
  • Converting 2D Sketches to 3D Models
  • Generating Mesh
  • Optimizing Models to Refine Mesh
  • Surface and Line Models
  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Modal & Buckling Analysis
  • Meshing Types
  • Modal & Thermal Analysis
  • Preparing Geometry for Meshing
  • Shell & Tetra Meshing
  • Assemblies: Welding and Swapping Parts
  • HyperMesh Solver Interfaces
Domains covered:

CAD - Sketching

CAD - Designing and Drafting

Training Calendar

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Program - 90 hours | 2 hours

Language : English/Hindi

Guided Projects

Aerospace System 2D Layouts Using Productivity Tools

Modelling Airplane Fuselage Assembly

Structural Analysis of Aircraft Seat Frame

Measuring Lift & Drag Forces on Airplane Wing

Key job roles
  • Understanding design requirements
  • Designing various aero components and systems
  • Testing, evaluating, modifying and re-testing components and systems
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
Job recognition
  • Designing aero components is an exercise in creativity. The satisfaction of developing new solutions to aerospace problems can be immense. Aerospace and aeronautical engineering organizations, being design-driven, celebrate design talent to the hilt.
Average Salary:

For beginners, about INR 5 lakh per annum

Ideal for
Aptitudes & skills
  • Strong mathematical, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Technical expertise in aerospace / aeronautical science
  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Attention to detail
Professional Background
  • Exposure to the component and OEM companies in the aerospace and aeronautical engineering by way of jobs or apprenticeships.
  • Experience of having worked as engineering technicians, fitters, machinists and modellers.
Educational Background
  • Graduates from relevant engineering disciplines such as aerospace, electronics, mechanical, software, and materials.
  • Graduates with research qualifications.
Top employers
  • Aerospace and aero-engine companies
  • Airline operators
  • Research and Development organizations
  • Contract agencies
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