Certified Design Engineer Automobile

Program Duration : 80 hours | 2 hours per day

Projects : 16 hours   |   Language : English/Hindi

Certified Design Engineer Automobile
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Course Overview:

Automobile design is considered the queen of industrial design, considering the pride and premium the world attaches to vehicles. Being an engineering product, it also calls for technical knowledge. This course teaches you both the art as well as science of automobile designing, the CAD way. You will learn how to draw sketches and convert them into designs of 2D and models of 3D. In the process you will learn all about parametric design tools, and the nitty gritties of designing components and placing them into assembly, and validating design data, among others.

Course Outcome:

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to carry out the following:

  • Creating Feature Modeling
  • Measuring and Inspecting Models
  • Assembling with Constraints
  • Seating Surface Features
  • Sketching with CATIA V5
  • Converting 2D Sketches to 3D Models
  • Using Custom and Conditional Formats
  • Advanced Table Options
  • Using Formulas and Functions
  • Data Validation
  • Working with Pivot Table
  • What If Analysis
  • Array Functions
  • Working with Charts
  • Working with Macros and VBA
Domains covered:

Automobile product design

Automobile product analysis

CAD for design and analysis

Training Calendar

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Program - 80 hours | 2 hours

Language : English/Hindi

Guided Projects

2D Design and Drafting of Automotive HVAC Duct Layout - Using Productivity Tools

Model and detail an IC Engine fuel injector assembly with all required components

Model and detail an automotive car hood assembly with all required components

Key job roles
  • Understanding the requirements of customers and business goals
  • Design, create models and prototypes of automobile products and components
  • Analyse product designs for performance, reliability and feasibility
  • Recommend or make design corrections based on data
  • Coordinate with manufacturing team in production
Job recognition
  • Product design always occupies a prime place in automobile engineering, as it determines not only market success but also cost reduction, delivering on time, and profitability of a vehicle manufacturer. Design engineers who help organisations innovate at a higher pace than the rest of the competition, gain visibility internally, and are given higher responsibilities and rewards.
Average Salary:

Rs. 5-6 lakhs per year (in India)

Ideal for
Aptitudes & skills
  • Good grasp of concepts in science and engineering
  • Passion for design and analysis
  • Teamwork and coordination
  • Interest in testing and quality control
Professional Background
  • Experience with any automobile or mechanical industry
  • Exposure to end-to-end product design processes
  • Experience with CAD tools for product design and analysis
Educational Background
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Product design certifications
  • Graduation in any science and engineering courses
Top employers
  • Automobile OEM companies
  • Automobile design firms
  • Auto component / accessory makers
  • Design consulting firms
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