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Essentials of Electrical Power system Analysis

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Course Fees: $349
Certificate : Yes
Course Type : Instructor-Led
Level : Intermediate
Subject : Automation
Course Overview:

An electric power system is a network of electrical components that supply, transfer, and use electric power. Power System Analysis is about performing calculations and simulations to check whether the components are working correctly under different conditions and scenarios. This course teaches you designing electrical power systems, substations (the points that connect transmission lines, and distribution feeders), and single-line diagrams, the blueprints that show the distribution path from the incoming power source to each downstream load. It also teaches you how to use ETAP, a software to design, simulate, and analyse power systems. 

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to use ETAP software for power design, and carry out tasks of analyses such as monitoring the voltage at different buses or the power flow within buses. Key topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Electrical Power System 
  • Electrical Power System Design
  • Substation Design
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Working with ETAP Software
  • Various Modules in ETAP

Ideal for:

  • Electrical engineering students
  • Anybody interested in designing Electrical Power Systems and Analysis

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