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Water Distribution Analysis and Design

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Course Fees: $499
Certificate : Yes
Course Type : Instructor-Led
Level : Advanced
Subject : Infrastructure Design
Course Overview:

OpenFlow Watergems, a software from Bentley, lets engineers come up with solutions to a wide array of water-related processes including water distribution and analysis. This course provides you the necessary training to use OpenFlow Watergems for comprehensive decision support in water distribution networks. The course helps you improve your knowledge of how infrastructure behaves as a system, how it reacts to operational strategies, and how it should grow as population and demands increase.

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of this course you should be able to create designs for flow of water and water quality simulations, and energy cost analysis. Key topics covered include:

  • Access Fire Flow Capacity
  • Design Water Distribution Systems
  • Identify Water Log
  • Prioritize Pipe Renewal
  • Simulate Networks in Real Time

Ideal for:

  • Engineering and design students / professionals 
  • Infrastructure / water engineering professionals  
  • No prior knowledge or experience in water distribution is required

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