Magnetostatics in Free space

Understand the basics of Magnetostatic Fields

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Session : 11
Duration : 00:16:47
Level : Essential
Subject : 3D Visualization
Course Overview:

This course introduces the theory of static magnetic, or magnetostatic, fields. Discussion topics include Biot-Savart’s Law, Ampere’s Law and magnetic potential, which help you to calculate magnetic fields resulting from various current distributions. This course was created for Ansys Innovation Courses by Kathryn Leigh Smith, Assistant Professor, UNC-Charlotte in partnership with Ansys.

Learning Outcome:

Upon the completion of this course, you should be able to have an understanding of:

  • Magnetic Fields
  • Solenoidal Law
  • Ampere's Law
  • Magnetic Potential

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone with basic knowledge of Electromagnetics

Topic Duration
Overview00:01:02short take
Introduction00:01:16short take
Magnetic Flux Density00:01:17short take
No Magnetic Monopoles00:02:06short take
The Solenoidal Law00:01:17short take
Magnetic Vector Potential00:02:12short take
Magnetic Force on Moving Charge00:02:02short take
The Biot Savart Law00:02:26short take
Magnetic Scalar Potential00:01:23short take
Summary00:01:46short take
Total Duration: 00:16:47

Course Includes

Online exercise

Online exercise

Lifetime access to lecture videos, study materials



Assessment on practice with quiz for each topic

Certificate on completion

Certificate on completion

Internationally valid certificate on
successful completion of the course

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