Simple Approximations of Fluid Flows

Understand the basics of Simple Approximations of Flows

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Session : 5
Duration : 00:36:46
Level : Essential
Subject : 3D Visualization
Course Overview:

In this course, you will learn how to obtain analytical solutions to some fundamental problems by making approximations to the fluid flow. You will first study the different types of approximations such as incompressibility, inviscid, etc., and understand their applicability. Then, you will learn in detail about a special class of flows called “potential flows” and explore a whole range of fundamental potential flows. Finally, you will learn about two of the most important flows in theoretical fluid dynamics, which are the flow over a circular cylinder and the flow over a rotating circular cylinder, the latter of which paved the way for understanding and calculating the lift force generated by objects in external flows. To deepen your understanding of all these aspects, there are simulation examples and homework exercises, where you will use Ansys Fluent to simulate the fluid flow problems.

Learning Outcome:

Upon the completion of this course, you will have a solid understanding of:

  • Simple Approximations of Fluid Flows
  • Incompressible and Inviscid Flows
  • Potential Flows
  • Types of Potential Flows

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone with basic knowledge of Fluid Dynamics

Topic Duration
Introduction to Simple Approximations of Fluid Flows00:03:37short take
Incompressible and Inviscid Flows00:07:18short take
Potential Flows00:09:11short take
Types of Potential Flows00:14:21short take
Summary00:02:19short take
Total Duration: 00:36:46

Course Includes

Online exercise

Online exercise

Lifetime access to lecture videos, study materials



Assessment on practice with quiz for each topic

Certificate on completion

Certificate on completion

Internationally valid certificate on
successful completion of the course

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