Governing Equations of Fluids

Understand the Governing Equations of Fluids

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Session : 7
Duration : 00:45:57
Level : Essential
Subject : 3D Visualization
Course Overview:

This course looks at the five governing equations of fluid dynamics — conservation of mass (one), momentum (three) and energy (one) — which are commonly referred to as the Navier-Stokes equations. It defines the Reynolds transport and Gauss divergence theorems, as well as the required elements for accurate mathematical modeling.

Learning Outcome:

Upon the completion of this course, you will have a solid understanding of:

  • Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
  • Dimensionless Parameters
  • The Buckingham-Pi Theorem

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone with basic knowledge of Fluid Dynamics

Topic Duration
Intro to Governing Equations of Fluid Dynamics00:06:45short take
Physical Laws Governing Fluid Dynamics00:06:35short take
Conservation of Mass Equation00:03:56short take
Conservation of Momentum Equations00:09:14short take
Conservation of Energy Equation00:08:51short take
Well-Posed Formulations of Fluid Dynamics Problems00:08:40short take
Summary00:01:56short take
Total Duration: 00:45:57

Course Includes

Online exercise

Online exercise

Lifetime access to lecture videos, study materials



Assessment on practice with quiz for each topic

Certificate on completion

Certificate on completion

Internationally valid certificate on
successful completion of the course

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