Intro to Heat Transfer

Understand the basics of Heat Transfer

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Session : 3
Duration : 00:20:37
Level : Essential
Subject : 3D Visualization
Course Overview:

Heat transfer, or the study of the temperature distribution in structures, plays an important role in almost any engineering system. From small devices such as smartphones to large gas turbines, understanding and controlling heat can improve the performance and reliability of engineered products. This course will provide you a big picture of thermal analysis: why do engineers care about heat transfer problems, where such analysis should be applied and what role should we engineers play in heat transfer simulation. Getting answers to these questions will lay an excellent foundation for you to learn more about heat transfer and apply the knowledge in engineering problems. In addition, the basis of the three heat transfer modes, conduction, convection, and radiation, will be discussed with physical meaning explained and life-related examples.

Learning Outcome:

Upon the completion of this course, you will have a solid understanding of:

  • Introduction to Heat Transfer
  • Modes of Heat Transfer
  • Simulating Heat Transfer

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone with basic knowledge of Structural Mechanics

Topic Duration
Intro To Heat Transfer00:06:27short take
Conduction, Convection, Radiation00:09:33short take
Simulating Heat Transfer00:04:37short take
Total Duration: 00:20:37

Course Includes

Online exercise

Online exercise

Lifetime access to lecture videos, study materials



Assessment on practice with quiz for each topic

Certificate on completion

Certificate on completion

Internationally valid certificate on
successful completion of the course

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