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Course Fees: $199
Certificate : Yes
Language : English
Course Type : Instructor-Led
Level : Essential
Subject : Visualization and Simulation
Course Overview:

SketchUp is an online 3D design and modeling software you can use to sketch models, create 2D and 3D models using a simple push and pull method. You can use SketchUp for architecture, interior design, landscape design, video games, and so on. This course teaches you how to extrude any flat surface into 3D shapes, draw layout functions, surface rendering, and how to make use of existing models from the 3D warehouse. 

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of this course you will be able to create sketches, 2D and 3D models from a flat surface. Key topics covered include:

  • Inference
  • Pushing and Pulling Shapes 
  • Building Models from DWG
  • Building Models using Match Photo
  • Static & Dynamic Components
  • Component Attributes
  • Layers and Materials
  • SketchUp Layout

Ideal for:

     Engineering students of all streams

     Creative / product designers - amature or professional

     Arts and science students / professionals

Job opportunities and Career growth:

Technology is democratizing design skills. Google SketchUp is a revolutionary tool that has ushered in an era where anybody with an idea can give it a 3D shape. Investing in mastering the SketchUp tool can be so valuable a decision as one can apply his or her SketchUp skills wherever 3D communication makes sense. In particular, all creative, design arenas - especially architecture, interior and product designs, expect team members to have SketchUp skills. Upon completion of the course, and depending on your professional background, you can apply for the following jobs:


     Sketchup Architect / Interior Designer

     Sketchup Product Designer

     Sketchup Designer


The top employers of SketchUp skills are design industries of all hues and colors - and many services and manufacturing sectors that have design functions

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