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Top Applications of Virtual Reality: Basics and its Future

CalendarSeptember 27, 2021
Top Applications of Virtual Reality: Basics and its Future

Virtual Reality can be seen as the new future of humanity. It provides users with the experience of submerging in a virtual world. From games to communication, virtual reality is acquiring new dimensions. Through mobile applications, access to virtual reality has also been given to the common people.

Various virtual reality apps are making their mark in the mundane life of people. Android users to iPhone users, everyone is getting wide exposure of virtual reality just from their cellphones.

Understanding the basics of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality describes the application of computer technology to create a pseudo environment. The users get an experience of being in that image instead of viewing that image. Virtual reality works in 3 dimensions and simulates a real-like experience. The user feels like an inhabitant of the image by the use of sensors.

Top Applications of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has entered the reach of common people through smartphones. Let's see some of the famous top applications of virtual reality.

  • Google Cardboard

Google has launched two VR applications for android phones, and Google Cardboard is one of them. It was one of the most ambitious projects of Google. It helps the user in watching the movies or videos in 3D experience.

  • YouTube VR

YouTube has introduced VR playbacks for its users. It works on the same YouTube app and enables the user to stream videos with a 3D experience. It is compatible with almost all VR devices and headsets, along with Google Cardboard. Likewise, it comes free with YouTube premium and also lets the user download the videos.

  • Fulldive VR

It is for IOS and Android users both. It provides access to more than 500 games along with videos and photos that you can enjoy in VR. You can also make customized videos through Fulldive VR. It is compatible with Google Cardboard as well as Daydream.

  • Littlestar

This application provides a wide stock of free VR videos, photos, movies, etc. The app supports 3D viewing, along with 180 and 360 degrees. It also conducts its rewarding system for the users interacting with it.

Industry and Scope of Virtual Reality

Do you know that the global virtual market is estimated at around 15.81 billion dollars by the end of 2020? The main industry of Virtual Reality Applications is encompassed as sports, video games, entertainment, theaters, etc. During Covid, when every business and economy git severely affected, the virtual reality market saw an upsurge. According to a CAGR of 2021, the virtual reality market will grow to 184.66 billion dollars by 2026.

Virtual reality is still in its budding phase. The speculations of technology experts say that Virtual Reality holds the power of revolutionizing human life, just as the smartphone. The gaming and entertainment industries are the largest legatees of virtual reality in upcoming years.

Final verdict

The evolution in VR has been tremendous and refreshing till now since its birth in the technology domain. However, the best is yet to come. There are enormous possibilities in virtual reality that can drastically change the way of our entertainment, gaming, and learning.