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Creativity, calculations and coding | Python for Mechanical Engineers

CalendarMarch 01, 2021
Creativity, calculations and coding | Python for Mechanical Engineers

Python was first used to prototype the applications that would later be implemented in other programming languages.

It has since emerged as a major force in software development, web development, data analysis and also system scripting.

The future is rapidly moving towards electric cars and automation. It is hence of importance to integrate mechanical concepts with a computer language to work efficiently.

Thermodynamics Numerical Analysis

It can be used to run numerical analysis among the other activities or tasks. Python can be used to handle thermodynamic problems. Codes can be written to solve the problems easily and efficiently. Python’s huge library and a simple syntax can help in solving complex problems easily.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Python scripts are used in stimulating problems in the CFD software. Vibration, dynamic motion, simulation and modeling engineering use this programming language. Python is the most widely used language and is the interface between industries.

Optimized workflow

Python essentially promotes a faster and a more optimized workflow. It can analyse huge amounts of data and help programmers get done with tedious tasks in the matter of a few seconds. Its simple syntax enables cross usage of codes. The codes written by one person in an organisation can be used by another person hence workflow efficiency is achieved smoothly. It is easier to carry out a lot of tasks with less input, the software requires reduced user input. One program can integrate functions from various libraries.

Customized features across projects

Programmers can script customized features which would help in generating custom features in various projects. The programming language enables automation. It helps in automating large data calculations. It is capable of smoothly handling up to 17 digits and floating point arithmetic. Python is the basis for PyTorch.

Computer programming and coding is not the main focus of Mechanical Engineering. But the world is rapidly moving towards a completely digital and automated world. To be a problem solver in this arena, it becomes of utmost importance to be able to have working knowledge in various programming languages. Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and execute. Its flexible syntax helps in easy adaptation. As your command over it increases, the language can be integrated in many other tasks reducing the workload and increasing automation.

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