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Does knowledge of CAD software(s) boost creativity?

CalendarJanuary 14, 2021
Does knowledge of CAD software(s) boost creativity?

Creativity is the ability to create something through imagination or original/authentic ideas.

More often than not, it is misconceived that knowledge of CAD software(s) makes one lazy and less creative.

Fortunately, this isn’t true.

CAD software/tools enhance a designer’s experience through their versatility, preset tools and data functions to make their life less cumbersome. This gives the designer space to experiment and try out new styles which is the basis for enhancing creativity.

Here are a few ways in which CAD Softwares boost creativity:

1. Creativity is iterative​: For a solution to be elegant and creative, it takes multiple iterations. Imagine going through each iteration on paper with hand-drawn designs. It will be tedious. CAD tools offer easy creation of multiple instances and iterations to bring out the creative fervour in a designer while not adding to their workload.

2. CAD Softwares broaden design perspectives:​ With CAD tools, one object can be designed through various methods. For instance, a cylindrical figure can be achieved by either extruding a circle or rotating a rectangle. Either way, the result is a cylinder. The identification of multiple perspectives is key to creating an innovative product.

3. Unleashes creative imagination among non-designers: ​In a ​research study conducted at ​Sheffield University,​ it was observed that CAD tools helped rid the inhibition of non-architects to design buildings. Interestingly, the designs of a children’s nursery school conceptualised by a nursery school teacher were ranked higher than designs created by professional designers. CAD tools break down the complexity of the drawing process thereby creating room for creativity to shine through.

4. Novice-friendly interface​: Most undergraduate students exhibit a lack of design drive and enthusiasm because of having to manually draft design concepts at their respective universities. However, with CAD tools they save a lot of time and can present detailed simulations and analyses of their solutions thereby providing a holistic view of their imagination.

5. Complementing practicality and creativity​: It is easy to get carried away with wildly creative ideas, however, complementing them with the existing reality to present a sustainable solution is of the essence. With CAD tools and theirexhaustive simulation and analysis capabilities, creativity can be complemented with practical applications to present viable solutions.

CAD tools are a designer’s best friend. With the ability to save files on the cloud that can be accessed anywhere, to in-built data presets, to the ability to create innumerable iterations to envision different scenarios, the advantages are endless.
Master CAD tools and get creative!